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Spring Home Finds from Target

Chelcey Tate1 Comment
Spring Home Finds from Target

Who else considers Target to be one of their happy places? I mean, cute clothes, perfect home stuff that doesn't cost a fortune, and I can pick up an iced chai to sip on while I walk around aimlessly? Yeah, pure bliss, people. 😂 I had a hair appointment last week that ended much earlier than I thought it was going to, and you better believe I used that as an excuse to pop into Target by myself (for the first time since Em was born)!

I have to say ... they've totally stepped up their game (which says a lot because their game has always been strong), and I of course walked out with a lot more than I had on my list because it's Target, duh. 🙈 Also, the only things on my list were laundry baskets and caramel m&ms because #priorities. 😂

When I walked in, I beelined straight for the home section, and I literally wanted everything! It's such a struggle. I always find myself putting a ton of stuff in my cart, and even though I definitely NEED it all 😂, I ultimately end up putting most of it back. Does anyone else do this? 😅

The stuff I ended up grabbing was way too good not to share, and I added a little wishlist of things that I had in my cart but put back at the end of this post. 🙈 Trust me, it'll all end up in my house at some point, and if you're into pretty glassware, rugs that look like they should cost 10x what they actually do, and you're a proud supporter of the #fakeplantlife, keep on scrolling! 



I'm a sweet candle kind of girl. Floral and woodsy scents are a recipe to send my allergies into overdrive, but I'll keep a fruity and warm candle lit all day long! This pretty blush one smells like coconuts, and this sweet sangria candle is my all time favorite spring / summer candle! I totally stockpile fall scented candles because they're my favorite scents ever, but these ones are great when you want something that feels a little more like sunshine. 


I love a good wreath. I may or may not have still had our Christmas wreath hanging on the front door up until last week, so it was definitely time to swap it out for spring! 🙈 I was stuck between this one and this one, but I'm so happy that I went with the Palm Lily! The green pops against our blue door perfectly! 🌿 

pretty glassware

I know we can't be the only ones who are constantly losing dishes. Glassware, forks, spoons, bowls ... Where the heck do these things even go!? At some point we lost literally every single drinking glass that we've ever owned, and the last few times Sean's parents have been over I've been pouring sweet tea into coffee mugs. 😂 I'm totally obsessed with these boho, jewel toned glasses. They're on the smaller side, but perfect for when you have company! 


Ours isn't so fresh anymore because we've had this same doormat since we moved into our house about a year ago, but it's still one of my favorites! I've bought this exact doormat three times now so if that doesn't show you how much I love it, I don't know what will. 😂 There's so many cute ones themed for warmer weather right now! I'm getting this one for our garage, and this one for the back door, for sure!


In case you missed my post last week, I'm a total fake plant lady. Let's face it, real plants are a lot of work, and these fake ones look just as pretty without all the fuss! Target is one of my favorite places to buy mine because they're totally affordable, and people honestly can't even tell they're fake unless I let them in on my secret!


Are you just as Target obsessed as I am? 😂 Are you starting to decorate your house for the warmer weather? Drop a comment below! Hope you found some pretty little things in this post that will brighten up your home for spring! 🌿

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