Summer Weekend Vibes

Summer Weekend Vibes
summer weekend vibes maternity style via

It is HOT in Kentucky, y'all. Like, you step outside and burn your legs on the leather seats in your car and your whole face starts to swell, kind of hot. I have yet to find a pair of maternity shorts that I really love so these white jeans have been my go-to when I want to wear something other than a dress. Speaking of white jeans, someone please reassure me that I'm not the only one who is a total mess around here? I seriously stress myself out wearing white jeans ... Am I going to sit in something? Inevitably drop food or spill my drink on them (this happens way more often than I'd like to admit)? Should I just stand in one spot and try my best not to come in contact with anything stain worthy? Yeah, that last one is probably my best bet. 🙈

I'm definitely not a stranger to dealing with messy outfit situations because I'm basically a 4 year old when it comes to dropping / tripping / spilling things on myself, but the last thing I want to worry about are the always dreaded sweat stains ... It's one thing to totally own the fact that you're just a messy human being (🙋🏻), it's something entirely different to be rocking some serious pit stains that will totally knock your confidence. 😅 Not to mention finding an outfit I feel 100% confident in when I have a baby growing in my belly is difficult enough without having to worry about things like that! 

The weather is heating up real quick, and when I'm wearing a top like this (aka my new favorite top ever from Pink Blush), I know that Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant has my back! I talked a bit about this in my last post with Secret, and I'm happy to say that even after going back to my old go-to deodorant for a few days after I somehow misplaced this one, I came running back to the Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel (my fave)! There's honestly nothing like it. With everything we have going on this summer like our annual houseboat trip, backyard family get togethers, and the whole having a baby thing, things are bound to get a little stressful at times. Thankfully, my deodorant has been totally stress tested for women (and has 2x the sweat protection vs an ordinary antiperspirant), I have absolutely no worries when it comes to keeping my favorite clothes (and my confidence!) fully protected. 


Alright, ladies ... I have officially reached the point where maternity clothes are becoming a must have. The whole wearing normal clothes all the time was great while it lasted. 😅 To be honest, if all of my dresses weren't becoming so stinking short I'd still be rocking them all the time!

This entire look is actually all maternity! The jeans are from Madewell, and fit exactly like my favorite jeans I've been linking every week. The one thing I've noticed as my belly gets bigger is that these can get pretty uncomfortable when you're sitting down ... I found myself having to roll them down in the front when we were at dinner the other night which was definitely not ideal. If you're still early in your pregnancy and looking for some super comfy jeans that will carry you through the 1st and (most of the) 2nd trimester, I definitely recommend these! I'm back on the hunt for a pair that stretches over my belly, so if you have any favorites, let me know! 

And finally, THIS TOP. Oh my gosh, this top. The color, the detail, the cut ... I'm totally obsessed with everything about it. It's so similar to a couple others I have from Altar'd State, but this one is specifically made to accommodate my sweet bump. I tried on the one from Altar'd State after I realized that it's literally the identical top, and it just didn't fit nearly as well as this one does. I think that was my big reality check that it was time to start investing in some cute maternity clothes. 😂 This one is from Pink Blush, and it's a piece I'll be wearing all Summer long. It's effortlessly cute no matter how you style it, and it literally feels like you're wearing an oversized tee. Basically my dream top. 🙈 

I was really struggling when it came to choosing the right size because the world of maternity wear is totally new to me, but for reference, I ordered a size small in this one! I'm typically a medium in shirts, but knowing how flowy it would fit I sized down, and it's perfect!  I have a ton of maternity pieces that Pink Blush is sending my way that I can't wait to share with you all! If you have any favorite shops that I should know about, tag me on Instagram! I'm on the hunt now that I'm basically building an entirely new wardrobe ... Bright side is that I'm building an entire new wardrobe (yay for new clothes!), the downside is that this is pretty much the only outfit I currently own that I really love and feel like myself in! 

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