Tuesday Ten: Home Decor Finds

I've been sucked into the never ending blackhole of online shopping and inspiration this week, and it has me totally pumped to basically redecorate our entire house. We've bounced from apartment to apartment since Sean and I first moved in together almost 4 years ago, but we both have a feeling we'll be right where we are for at least another year or so; which is more than enough time for me to justify making some changes! 

I've always been weird about investing a lot of time and money into a rental because our styles change so often, but with me now working from home, I want to make this space as true to us as possible. We need new art on the walls, rugs to replace those that we got rid of in the move, accent tables, bar stools ... The list goes on and on! I'm going to be kicking off some home tours room by room once I get started, but until then, here are ten things that are seriously high on my wish list! 

Tuesday Ten: Home Decor Finds www.chelceytate.com

Do you have any home decor favorites that you have your eye on right now? Any tips for decorating a rental without blowing a ton of cash? Let me know down in the comments!