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Weekly Update: Floppy Hats, Winter Essentials + Sleeping In

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Weekly Update: Floppy Hats, Winter Essentials + Sleeping In

This week has been the longest and shortest week ever ... Because that definitely makes sense, doesn't it? It was a week full of breakfast dates, rushing around, sleeping way too late, deadlines that had me burning the midnight oil, and I sent off designs for approval for one of my biggest collaborations since my box design for Krispy Kreme last year. February, I like you already.


1. Magical Thinking Woven Rug via Urban Outfitters // I've been searching for a living room rug ever since the last one that I ordered was discontinued AFTER I had already paid for it ... What are the chances of that, right? Well, it must have been a huge blessing in disguise because this rug is seriously calling my name. Now to get my husband to agree to a pop of pink in the living room will be a completely different story. 

2. Create A Spring-Like Weekend via The Fresh Exchange // I am so beyond ready for warm weather. Just this morning I texted my husband asking him if we could move somewhere that's warm ALL the time. I don't need 90 degree weather everyday, but somewhere that stays in the 60-70 degree range in the Winter would be an absolute dream come true. The dynamic husband wife duo over at The Fresh Exchange have some awesome ways to create a Spring-like weekend even though we're in the dead of Winter because, let's be real here, there's no way my mom is never going to allow us to move out of the state. 

3. Lauren McCall's Alabama Home Tour via The Everygirl // Ok, how awesome is this back patio? Lauren's home is the perfect mix of rustic, vintage, and eclectic charm. Not to mention it's in Alabama, which hello, everything is charming in Alabama! The gallery wall by the stairs, and the fireplace mantel were my two big takeaways from this photo diary.

4. Roots via Miguel Vallinas // This might be a little eccentric for some, but with my love for photography and flowers, I'm totally obsessed with this collection from Miguel Vallinas! It reminds me so much of my favorite Bon Iver show print that we have in our living room. What do you think? Are you a fan, or do you think it's a little over the top?


1. Blanket Scarves + Floppy Hats // I've always been a huge fan of floppy hats, but Winter has definitely been the season of the blanket scarves. Two of my favorite accessories finally make an appearance together in one look!

2. Listen to Your Body // I overslept not once, but twice this week. The first time it happened on Monday I just flat out slept right through my alarm, and on Thursday my phone died in the middle of the night, causing my alarm to never even go off. In this post I delved into why sometimes it's totally necessary to oversleep, and how listening to your body is the key to a well balanced life. 

3. Tuesday Ten: Winter Beauty + Style Essentials // Winter is definitely not my favorite, but that's not anything new around here. Nonetheless, there are a few things that I really love about Winter including beanies, scarves, and fleece lined leggings. Check out a full list of my Winter beauty + style essentials in this week's Tuesday Ten! 


1. Two words: Gilmore Girls. I've been absolutely hooked on this show since the very beginning, and may or may not have watched the entire series about 5 times over ... Not including that I'm currently re-watching it in honor of the Netflix revival! I just read that Logan will definitely be coming back, and that makes this #TeamLogan loving girl's heart so happy! I'd say it's high time to bring out that "I'd Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls" sweatshirt that my mom bought me a couple of years ago. :)

2. I'm meeting up with one of my best friends from high school tomorrow for brunch at my favorite local spot, and I couldn't be more excited! It's been years since we've had the time to catch up, but we have one of those friendships where you can go months without talking and we pick right back up where we left off. Biscuits + Bacon Gravy, here I come!

3. I've been collecting home inspiration lately, and I'm finally taking the plunge this weekend on setting up a couple of gallery walls around the house. I always get weird about decorating a lot in a rental, but I don't see us moving anytime soon, and I want to make our house a home for as long as possible! If you have any tips on gallery walls, I'd love to hear them! 

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