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Tuesday Ten: Winter Beauty + Style Essentials

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Tuesday Ten: Winter Beauty + Style Essentials
Tuesday Ten Winter Beauty + Style Essentials via

1. Down Feather Coat via Patagonia // As crazy as it sounds, until this year I've never really worried too much about owning a really great coat. That is, until my husband got on a major Patagonia kick, and I wore his coat out to dinner one night. Ever since then, I've been bound and determined to get my hands on the same coat, just one that's not a men's size medium. :) If you're looking for one that's just as warm as it is cute, this is the coat for you! I picked up the color-blocked purple one, but they have 3 other color combinations if purples not your thing. 

2. Boyfriend Beanie via Evy's Tree // Speaking of purple things, if you follow me at all via Snapchat (@chelceytate) then you're no stranger to this beanie. It's the perfect balance of slouchy and fitted, and you need it in your life. Yeah, it's really that good. It's been my go-to ever since it was gifted to me over Christmas ... Even on good hair days I find myself reaching for it! If that's not a sign of a good beanie, I don't know what is. 

3. Lip Therapy Tins via Vaseline // Ok, how cute are these? Vaseline just launched these new Lip Therapy tins at Target, and I'm totally obsessed. My lips get super dry in the Winter, and it's pretty much impossible to find something that's going to moisturize your lips all day AND something that's small enough to keep in your bag. If you need any more convincing, my husband is totally hooked on the Original one (it literally doesn't have any scent at all), but I'm more drawn to the pretty pink Rose Lips version. You can snag these at Target or on if you want to try them out for yourself!

4. Blanket Scarves via ILY Couture // In case you haven't noticed from my last several outfit posts, I'm a sucker for blanket scarves this year. If you're a true leggings, oversized sweater and boots kind of gal, blanket scarves are the easiest way to instantly make you look like you spent more than 30 seconds throwing yourself together. Don't worry, your secrets safe with me. 

5. Fleece Lined Leggings via Anthropologie // If you're anything like me, then you live in leggings during the Winter. As soon as it gets cold enough outside where leggings and boots is socially acceptable, you'll hardly see me in anything else! These fleece lined leggings are bar none the most warm pair I've stumbled upon.

6. Hunter Rain Boots // I've been eyeing a pair of Hunters for a couple of years now, and after getting a pair for Christmas, now I know why I've wanted a pair so badly! I gladly slipped these on to head out for the first couple of snow days this year, and I honestly don't know what I did before I got them! Well, that's not true, I pretty much wore shoes that definitely do not belong in the snow and risked frost bite. 

7. Gloves via Urban Outfitters // Speaking of snow days, a good pair of gloves is something that I've been seriously missing. These cute color blocked ones from UO are on sale, and they're the ones that allow you to text while you're wearing them! 

8. Oversized Sweater via Madewell // Oversized sweaters and leggings are my staples in the Winter. Throw on a pair of riding boots, and you're good to go! This one from Madewell is my current go-to. It's super cozy, and long enough where it covers everything that needs to be covered when you're wearing leggings as pants. ;) Did I mention it's currently 50% off? 

9. Knee Socks via Natural Life // If there's one time a year that you can get away with wearing knee socks everywhere you go, it's Winter! There are few things more annoying than walking around in boots all day only to feel your sock start slip off of one of your feet. The struggle is so real. Enter super adorable knee socks, and you'll never have to deal with that issue ever again. :)

10. Butterball Bath Bomb via LUSH  // Anyone else struggle with some major dry skin in the Winter? This bath bomb from LUSH smells as good as it sounds (think vanilla mixed with sugar), and Winter is pretty much the only time that I really think that taking a bath sounds like a relaxing idea. Pair it with a couple of candles, and you're good to go!

Note: Thank you to Vaseline for sponsoring this post. As always, I only share brands and products that I actually use myself, and ones that I think you will love, too! 

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