Blanket Scarves + Floppy Hats

Blanket Scarves + Floppy Hats via

It's no secret around here that I have a serious obsession with floppy hats. They filled all of my style posts in the Summer and Fall, but Winter has definitely been the season of the blanket scarves. Well, I figured it was high time that they came together in one look, so in the spirit of feeling over accessorized, I went with both. 

And you know what? I ended up loving it. I get so weird when I start to pile on accessories because, hello, number one low maintenance girl over here, but I was pleasantly surprised with how this look came together. Not to mention the fact that I'm pretty much obsessed with every other aspect of this outfit ... The sweater is one of the softest that I own, so much so that I now own it in 3 colors, the boots are perfect for Winter with their sweater details + thick heels, and I'm totally convinced that this bag from Madewell is never going to leave my shoulder. 

What's your take on accessories? I tend to do the bare minimum with dainty necklaces and bangles when it's warm outside, but there's something super cozy about wrapping up in a hat and scarf in the Winter. This is definitely an outfit I'll be wearing over and over again.