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Weekly Update

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iPhone Photos of the Week

1.  I bought this pretty print from a new Etsy shop find.  It was marked as shipped the day I bought it so I'm hoping it gets delivered today!  Happy mail is my favorite.  //  2.  Speaking of happy mail, I shipped out six prints for delivery this week from my print shop, WhatThePrint.  It's such a great feeling to get these beauties out of my hands and to the post office so they can be displayed in someone's home.  //  3.  I chopped my hair off!  Not completely because I want my hair to be back to the long length it was before our wedding next year, but I took enough off to where it feels SO much healthier!  Oh, and I colored it back to my dark brown roots.  I don't know what it is, but I just feel more like myself when my hair is dark and rich.  //  4.  My oldest-little sister had her senior night for volleyball this past week.  It is so crazy to me that she is graduating high school this year.  Time flies, doesn't it?    

Fave Online Finds

1.  20 Favorite Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Maskcara  //  2.  Salted Caramel Lava Cake Recipe by Vegitarianirvana  //  3.  Find What You Love, But Don't Let It Kill You by Jasmine Dowling  //  4.  How I Prepared to Make The Leap by Noirve

Things I'm Excited About

1.  Tonight I have a shoot scheduled with Sean's cousin, Aaron, his wife Jessica and their sweet new puppy named Finn.  We're hanging there for the rest of the night and I can almost guarantee there will be a game of Catchphrase involved by the end of the night.    

2.  One of my first loves, Ce Fiore, is sadly opening it's doors for the last time this Sunday.  Amanda and I have scheduled her fashion shoot around a trip to grab our last cup of acai berry froyo from the best froyo place in Louisville.  I can promise you that I will be getting the "Ce Fiore" size which is about the size of my head.  Go big or go home!   

3.  Sean and I are going to check out a spot for both our wedding and reception tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed that this one is "the" one!   

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