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Aaron + Jessica + Finn // Family Shoot

Chelcey TateComment

As a natural light photographer, racing against the sun is basically in my job description.  After work last night, Sean and I rushed over to Aaron and Jessica's house for a mini shoot to show off the newest addition to their sweet little family! 

After we wrapped up the shoot, we spent the rest of the night talking music, blogging and I showed Jessica my not-so-secret trick on how to shred chicken with a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  You would have thought I had shown up to her front door with keys to a new car she was so stoked!  All I could say was, "finally someone who gets just as excited about not having to shred hot chicken by hand as I do"!  Oh, and I may or may not have watched Frozen for the first time ... and I absolutely loved it!  Who could resist that movie after being introduced to Olaf!?  

All in all, it was a perfect night full of great food, amazing company, and I couldn't be happier with how these photos turned out!  Is little Finn not the cutest puppy you have ever seen?  

P.S.  I can guarantee my pup, Kodah, is jealous of this new kid on the block.  He is currently laying his head right on top of my keyboard as I type out this post.  If you see any typos or crazy random letters, now you know why.  How has your weekend been so far? 

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