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Think Spring + A Snow Day

StyleChelcey TateComment

I'm officially breaking up with winter and the best way I know how to do this is by dressing the part!  With the snowpocalypse of 2015 upon us in Louisville, I'm currently hanging out on my couch for the day processing payroll for my day job.  I guess if it has to be cold, we might as well get a snow day out of it, right?  

There have been some crazy online sales lately which turns into me doing some crazy online shopping.  This piece from Loft is one that I will definitely never regret!  I'm such a sucker for stripes of any kind, especially when they come in the form of an extremely comfortable t-shirt.

Ok, now, let's be honest.  When it comes to my hair, make up and style I can be pretty lazy.  The fact that I even made the leap to start sharing my favorite outfits on the blog could have been seen as laughable.  I started this year off with an outfit post, and now that we're halfway through February I'm starting to get an even better grasp of my own personal style.  It's amazing how much this online space and community is starting to shape my day to day life for the better.  So, thanks for all of the support, y'all!  :)

Outfit Details
Striped Tee  //  Loft (on sale!)
Floral Scarf  //  Forever 21 (old) | Similar
Jeans  //  Express
Watch  //  Fossil (sold out) | Similar
Tote Bag  //  Fossil
Booties  //  Urban Outfitters

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