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Fear Is A Liar + A Freebie!

Chelcey Tate1 Comment
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Fear is a liar.  One of the very first prints that I ever designed had this quote on it.  It held so much truth to me personally 4 years ago.  I had just moved out of my parent's house, and into a 700 sq ft apartment with my now fiance ... Couponing quickly became one of my hobbies, and I had to get creative with how we decorated our new home, all while watching most of my friends start college with very little to worry about. 

There was a lot of change that happened in a very short amount of time.  I decided to try my hand at typography design, and discovered that designing prints was an easy (and affordable) way for me to make our tiny apartment feel more like a home.  That's where it all started.  Can I just say a big thank God for that?  Had we not both been working at the front desk at a hotel when we moved out (still on an hourly salary), then I never would have stumbled upon my passion for design.  It's crazy how life works sometimes, isn't it?  

Looking back at that time now, the path that we were on is so clear, but at the time it wasn't clear at all.  We were both trying to figure out our careers, working crazy long hours and basically high fiving each other at the door since we were on opposite schedules.  I didn't love what I was doing and I was constantly trying to figure out what direction I was supposed to be heading.  Fear was causing me to doubt our decision to move, my decision to not go to school, and even more so, my decision to start working in the hospitality industry. 

Fast forward to where I am now.  Working as a social media coordinator, freelancing in both design and photography, running that same print shop I stumbled upon 4 years ago and working towards becoming self employed.  If you had told me that this is the direction I'd be heading when I dreamed of becoming a Director of Sales at a hotel, fear probably would have convinced me that it was the craziest thing I had ever heard. 

Fear plays such a huge role in so many lives.  Whether you're like me and fearful of not having a secure income while you quit your day job, fearful of what other people think of you, or even the fear of not having control over a situation.  Fear presents itself in so many different ways in our daily lives that we often forget that it's a driving factor in many of our decisions.  

I'm here to tell you today that fear is a liar.  You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, you'll figure it all out and everything will come together.  Eventually everything connects and it will all make sense, but for now, remember that YOU are in control of your own happiness, and that's something that fear can never touch.  

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.