A Little More Me

A Little More Me

Sometimes I sit down on my couch, open a fresh blank page for a new post and just decide that I don't have anything important enough to share so I close it out.  When I first started this blog a year ago, I didn't have much of a vision of what it was going to be or what I was going to do with it.  I started off with heavy inspirational posts about different quotes that I loved, a lot of different themed posts and then slowly starting to incorporate my work and behind the scenes looks.  

I love that this space can act as a resource for so many for different tips, tricks, freebies and more, but mostly I hope that you leave my blog feeling like you know me.  The girl behind the blog.  Sure, I know a lot about social media and photography, I sometimes put together a super cute outfit and I can talk the heck out of what I think a quote or verse from the Bible means to me, but there's a lot more of me behind the scenes that I don't always share. 

I come to each post expecting that you already know me.  You know that I'm a klutz, I'm legally blind in my left eye and that I seriously get in a terrible mood when I'm deprived of food or caffeine for too long.  I assume that you know that I really love discovering new musicians, I binge watch TV while I work and that I used to bake things once a week.  But the truth is, is that you don't already know these things.  These little quirks in my life are what make me who I am, and I intend on sharing more of that with you.  

I hope that I'll be able to look back on this space in a year and be able to clearly recap what was going on in my life at that time.  Instagram has served as that type of space for me for so long, and though I intend on still sharing more of my life there, I'm really excited to start showing up to this blog, writing a post about what's going in my life or in my head, and hitting publish without thinking twice.  Here's to worrying less about always producing "great content" and a little more sharing freely.

P.S.  If you're interested in an even more behind the scenes look, follow me on Twitter + Instagram, and to see random snippets of me doing random things throughout the day, add me on Snapchat:  chelceytate!  

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.