21 Thoughts I Had While Cleaning Our Closet

21 Thoughts I Had While Cleaning Our Closet

1.  I have way too many striped shirts and sweaters.  Just kidding!  There is no such thing. 

2.  What was I thinking when I bought this?

3.  Where did this even come from?

4.  I love these pants, but I really hate them at the same time. 

5.  Does this sundress from Forever21 that I've had since I was 16 make me look 16?

6.  I really need to start ironing things.  Or steaming.  Yeah, definitely steaming.

7.  How many dress shirts does Sean really need in his life?

8.  Where did this size XXL men's cotton jacket come from?

9.  So. Many. Old. Clothes.  There's about 15 pieces that only could've fit Sean when he was 10 years old or younger.  To the in-laws basement they go! 

10.  THAT'S where that leather jacket went!

11.  I wonder how many things I can secretly donate without Sean actually noticing they're gone.  Answer:  All of it. 

12.  I would really like 5 of these dresses if I could figure out where in the world the matching belts went.  How do they always disappear?  And why are these belt loops so specific to that one belt that came with the dress?

13.  Giving all of this away and starting over would be so much easier. 

14.  Oh, so that's what the carpet looks like in here. 

15.  So. Many. Broken. Hangers.  How did these not hurt our feet when we stepped on them?  Oh, all of the clothes on the floor ... Right.  Moving on.

16.  We're truly messy people.

17.  What are we doing with our lives.

18.  Do other people live like this?

19.  Probably not. 

20.  I'm just going to go to sleep, but first all of the neat piles of clothes that are currently on my bed need to make their way to the floor. 

21.  So THAT'S how our room always ends up a mess!  Better luck next time. 

Chelcey Tate is a photographer, blogger and graphic designer based in Louisville, KY.