90's Vibes

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It's definitely no secret that I'm a total sucker for anything that combines black, white and stripes, and this shirt is pretty much the favorite thing in my closet.  This vest on the other hand, was something totally unexpected.  I remember last Summer I was walking through Urban Outfitters with Amanda, and cringing at all of the 90's related pieces I was seeing ... Big sunflower printed dresses (that I swear I owned when I was 4), slip dresses, denim on denim on denim ... The list goes on.  So when I totally fell in love with this light denim vest, I was shocked!

Oh, and don't mind the fact that everything (except for the booties) in this post is from Madewell ... I'm kind of shopping there exclusively these days.  Basics + denim for DAYS.  What more does a girl need?  

Photography by Haaken Reed