Love Grows Best In Little Houses

Love grows best in little houses / Lettering by Chelcey Tate

Two short weeks ago Sean and I made the decision to downsize from our current house to one that's just a little bit smaller ... We spent this past weekend buying and selling furniture, cleaning every bit of dog hair that inevitably comes with having a husky from the baseboards of our old place, and unpacking all of our belongings into this new space that we get to call home.  

With downsizing comes getting rid of the unnecessary ... Bags and bags of clothes, large furniture that did nothing but take up space, and other knick knacks that we had laying around that brought absolutely no joy into our lives.  But hey, that's a completely different subject for a later post.

This new and smaller house feels more like home than any other place we've been residents in over the last four years.  The walls are a little bit closer together, the rooms are a little bit tighter, but if I've learned anything from living in over ten different places in my lifetime, it's that it's not the house that makes the home.  

As I sit here in the corner of our new couch with Kodah, listening to my husband cooking us dinner ten feet away with the smell of my favorite fall candles in the air (this one from Lindbergh Candle Co. is a must have), I can't help but feel more at home than I ever have.  Thank God that love grows best in little houses like these.