Back To The Heart

The last time I really sat down to my computer to just write was over three months ago, and I don't know about you, but that's just a little bit too long for me.  Since the last time I've popped in with something to share other than my new favorite outfits, I've gotten married, we've downsized to a smaller apartment, and I've started the developing process of a new creative business venture.

It's been a season of big changes, all of which I'm hoping lead me to where I'm supposed to be in this stage of my life ... Coming up soon over here on the blog you can expect to see mine and my husband's love story (including our wedding day!), my favorite looks for Fall, the back story of our decision to down size and a peek into what's been going on in this head and heart of mine.  I can't wait to catch y'all up on everything!  

Is there anything that I didn't mention that you may want to hear about?  Anything that I may have mentioned that you're particularly excited about reading?  Drop a comment below!