The Maiedae Mixer

The Maiedae Mixer - Chelcey Tate wearing Free People

Oh, you guys ... The Maiedae Mixer went above and beyond any of my expectations this year. I got to spend the weekend with two of my best girls (Amanda + Jessica) exploring Atlanta (read: searching for murals), we met up with the awesome Brandi of Brandilynn Aines Photography before the event in the pouring rain, and I met some of the best people I've had the pleasure of meeting in a really long time. 

There's something that's so incredible about being in a room full of people who totally get why you do what you do, and don't think you're crazy for doing it. We were treated to some seriously great food (I literally had 4 rosemary cornbread bites) catered by Loveable Foods, Minted sponsored the mixer this year, so it goes without saying that the paper products were gorgeous, and the lovely Jenna of Gold & Bloom was the genius behind all of the amazing florals that couldn't help but catch your eye at every glance ... 

Needless to say, it was an awesome night. I'm so thankful that Savannah and Jenny decided to take the Maiedae Mixer back to its roots and make it a more intimate setting this year ... Otherwise, I highly doubt that I would have had the opportunity to get to know Jordan, Abby, Britt or Kristen as well as I did! Oh, and this whole outfit thing I have going on in all of these photos is one of my new favorites. In my opinion, Free People can do no wrong!  Check out the links at the bottom of the post for all of the details!