Falling for Floral

Falling for Floral www.chelceytate.com

So, what do you do when you can't come up with a fun name for your new outfit post?  You text your best blogging gal pal (in my case, that's Amanda from Derby City Darling) with a photo from the post and say HELP! Lucky for me, this girl missed her call in marketing and always comes up with the cutest things ... Not even 5 minutes had passed, and I had a name for this post along with a compliment on my long locks. Having a best friend who just "gets it" is the best thing in the world!

Now, onto the whole reason I showed up to this space today ... I present to you ... Drumroll please ... The perfect Summer to Fall transition look! If that's not the cheesiest thing I've said all day, I don't know what is. I'm obviously struggling with forming complete sentences today ... Let's blame it on still recovering from Hawaii, shall we? 

Anyways, I picked up this top in California a while back (read: 5 years ago) and it's one that I just can't bring myself to part with. Between these light weight jeans, sandals, and layering action with the cardigan, I really can't imagine a more appropriate outfit for when it's 55 degrees in the morning, 85 during the day, and back down to chill Fall temps at night. What's your favorite outfit to wear this time of year? Any tips on how to better balance this awkward weather? Or maybe tips on how I can balance out just plain old awkwardness in life? Yeah ... I didn't think so. #thestruggleisreal