September: Instagram + Favorite Posts



A Ready Heart // It's no secret that I got married recently, and it's also not a secret that getting married is one of the most important things I'll ever do in my life. The whole point behind this post was to share how I not only made sure I was mentally prepared for marriage, but how I went about preparing my heart for marriage in a biblical sense. I found a really great study on Instagram called #AReadyHeart ... All of the details are in this post!  :)

Maui, HI // Speaking of getting married, here's the photo diary behind our honeymoon trip to Hawaii! We fought plane delays, colds and some pretty poor customer service, but we made it there and back with one of the most incredible trips we'll ever take under our belts! 

Fall Bucket List

Bucket List: Fall 2015 // Please excuse the pure basic-ness of this post, but Fall has, and always will be, my favorite season. I'm a baker, lover of pumpkin spiced anything and any weather that allows me to wear cozy knits + boots is the perfect time of year in my opinion! In this post, I shared 5 things that you would be crazy not to take advantage of during the best season of the year!

Falling for Floral // My favorite jeans, a five year old top that I can't let go of and some crazy awesome photography from Haaken Reed.  Basically, this is a post that you definitely don't want to miss!