New Fave Striped Tee

New Fave Striped Tee ft @nordstrom @madewell @thenorthface @piperandscoot @thegivingkeys @altardstate via

This is one of the looks I wore when we were in Colorado last week, but more importantly, can we talk about these views!? We shot these photos right outside of the house that we were staying in, and everywhere you turned it truly looked like a winter wonderland. If I could convince my entire family to pack up and move I swear Sean and I would be house hunting in a second! 

Now onto this outfit ... It really was the perfect look to channel those chill mountain ski town vibes. I don't know what happened, but there for a while I was totally lost when it came to finding striped pieces that I love. I think it's more difficult to make stripes look flattering in the winter when you're all bundled and layered up, but thankfully this long sleeved striped tee proved me wrong! It's just flowy enough to where you can tell the fit is supposed to be oversized. Oh, and did I mention it's on sale for only $15? Literally THE BEST. I swear one of these days Sean's going to get totally sick of all the striped tees, but what can I say? I'm obsessed! 

The last thing I wanted to chat with y'all about before I jump off here to clean up my total disaster of a kitchen (someone please remind me to clean BEFORE we leave for our next trip!) is this Giving Key necklace. I stood in Altar'd State trying to find the perfect one after eyeing them for months! If you haven't heard of The Giving Keys mission yet, the idea is to buy a key with the word on it that applies to your life ... Something that you're working on internally, and once you've worked through that, you pass the key onto someone else who might need encouragement with the same thing. I don't know why it took me so long to pick one up! 

Alright, friends. I'm out of here ... Thanks for following along and reading my random ramblings about stripes and life and everything else. 😘 You're the best!