The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game
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I've struggled quite a bit with writing a post this week.  I don't know why, but it seems like over the last couple of days there's been a blank space in my mind where I typically pull out ideas for blog posts.  I can't think of any stories to tell, or any inspirational messages.  There's nothing when it comes to life lessons or hopes or dreams that I haven't already shared before.  There's just ... nothing. 

So, I began the search for inspiration last night.  You know, the never-ending blackhole of looking through Bloglovin and Pinterest hoping that someone else's creativity can spark a bit of your own.  I quickly discovered that not only was this never-ending search in blackhole-dom (yeah, it's a place now) not bringing me any inspiration, it was making me feel inferior.  Why couldn't I come up with a recipe out of my very own head instead of having to search online for new ideas for dinner?  Why can't I have an exciting life filled with travel, working for myself ... A life so exciting that I could create ten whole photo diary posts, and not have to mutter a word. 

And just like that ... In the midst of searching for something or someone to inspire me, I found that I actually wasn't being inspired at all.  Which leads me to the whole point of why I even decided to write a post today ... I'm able to pull a personal experience out of this head of mine because of that search.  

That's what blogging is to me ... Sharing experiences, being honest and staying true to who you are in the midst of the comparison game.  If this post ends up making no sense whatsoever to anyone unless you're inside of my head, my apologies.  If it just so happens to catch you in the midst of searching for inspiration from anywhere but within, I hope that it leads you to look inward.  If you don't take anything else away from reading this today, please remember this ... Your story is good enough to tell, and you're good enough to tell it. 

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